By Jack X McCallum

Jack X McCallum was the pen name I used until 2015. Please click on each of the cover images below to see these books on Amazon.

2011 10 12 MITU cropped cover SMASH

Meet Will and Jeannie, two people who resemble long-dead American pop-culture icons, two people on the run for their lives. They are property of the secretive agency known as the Compound, and the Compound wants them back at any cost. Take a wild ride through a dark history of American conspiracies and the 20th century will never look the same again. A covert government agency & Third Reich science, cloning & cryogenics, the Second Coming & the Millennium, all coming together in a collision of passions and perversions, past and present. Of course, a story as unique as this could only be Made in the USA.

4POCALYPSE (Novella – Smile)

A terrifying invasion has begun, and the world will never be the same. The end of the world came with widespread disease, rampant bloodshed, and smiles. The smiles were the worst of it.

2012 04 06 Califhorrornia cover

Dark Tales from the Golden State, featuring California Hollow.

In California Hollow, you are invited to join a hidden community
In Final Companion, death is a relief
In They Have Arrived, a most unusual invasion begins
In Standoff, neighbors become deadly rivals
In Titan, a family crisis becomes a matter of life and death

On the pages within are tales of heroes and villains, psychotics and geniuses,
mutations and monstrosities, and many of them live on my street. Welcome to my California, where the sun shines stronger, the shadows are darker and the unexpected and unthinkable lurk in those shadows.

(Some of these stories have appeared in anthologies from Thirteen O’clock Press.)

MEGA cover MVB-2

From the author of Made in the U.S.A. and Califhorrornia comes a second offering of selected tales guaranteed to move you, unnerve you, and very likely repulse you. The stories within perfectly demonstrate that horror can be found anywhere; from pivotal historical events to quiet everyday moments, from the distant past to the future right around the corner. revel in the dark banquet that is My Vile Bounty as we journey from 5th century Britain to 9/11, from Victorian England to the Canadian home front in World War Two, from America during the Great Depression to a quaint little town in Baja during tourist season. A feast for the imagination awaits you.

(Some of these stories have appeared in anthologies from Thirteen O’clock Press.)

ARCHETYPES (Novella – The Unicorn Man)

With a single stroke of lightning a father becomes a monster . . . A monster becomes a savior . . . The headless bodies of their own kin terrorize the residents of tranquil Kitchissippi . . . And a boy’s idyllic life is irrevocably changed when The Unicorn Man comes to town.




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