By John McCallum Swain

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The Unicorn Man

(novella, 103 pages)

U MAN cover

With a single stroke of lightning a father becomes a monster . . . A monster becomes a savior . . . The headless bodies of their own kin terrorize the residents of tranquil Kitchissippi . . . And a boy’s idyllic life is irrevocably changed when The Unicorn Man comes to town.


(novella, 80 pages)

SMILE cover

A terrifying invasion has begun, and the world will never be the same. The end of the world came with widespread disease, rampant bloodshed, and smiles. The smiles were the worst of it.


Insidious weapons camouflaged as innocent trinkets contain an ancient evil in Sand, my short story appearing in this anthology from Thirteen O’clock Press.


A hula hoop powered by grief becomes a bridge to elsewhere in Spin, Baby, Spin!, my short story appearing in this anthology from Thirteen O’clock Press. On behalf of all of the writers involved, I’d like to apologize for that atrocious cover. The artwork was out of our hands.


This pulp-inspired anthology includes my short story The Hades Mechanism. A WWII vet turned private investigator survives a heinous experiment in a perversion of science, only to confront a legendary, undying evil.


This collection of tales based on the lurid Hammer Horror films of the 60s and 70s includes The Wolf Who Never Was, wherein we learn why actor Oliver Reed became the legendary drunkard and hellraiser we all knew, and how it all began on the set of Hammer’s The Curse of the Werewolf.


In an anthology dedicated to very human monsters, horror and hidden truths lie at the center of Beholder, a tale of childhood friends returning to the haunted remains of their home town. A Kitchissippi Tale.


In this collection of tales inspired by the  culture shock and paranoia of the ever-changing 70s, death has never tasted as sweet as it does when two boys uncover a deadly harvest threatening the children of their town in The Sweet Dark. A Kitchissippi Tale.


(Coming in winter 2016)image

In a refreshing change of pace from a plethora of dystopian futures comes a collection of fun sci-fi reminiscent of the Golden Age of science fiction, when the gee-whiz factor was more entertaining than hardcore science and gritty reality.  After the destruction of an intergalactic cruiser, a lifeboat sets down on a strange world that soon threatens a grim ending to the life of every passenger, human and alien.



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