Pete Mesling’s Bare Knuckle Podcast

I just listed to the latest entry in Pete Mesling’s Bare Knuckle Podcast, and I loved it. It was my good fortune that he decided to read The Wolf Who Never Was. Listening to his reading was like hearing the story for the first time, even though I wrote it. Pete nailed it, giving a pitch perfect performance by emphasizing the right words and pausing for effect in all the right places. This is no small task when you consider we have never met, or discussed his take on the story, yet his reading of Wolf sounds exactly as the story sounded in my head when I wrote it. Click on the link (in red text, above) to listen to Pete’s readings of Wolf, and his own tale, The Private Ambitions of Arthur Hemming, and once you are on his site bookmark it – it’s a treasure-trove of terrific story readings for anyone who enjoys a well-produced audiobook as much as I do. Both stories appear in Spawn of the Ripper, from April Moon Books, a wonderfully entertaining collection of horror tales selected by Neil Baker and inspired by the Hammer Horror movies I grew up watching. Click on the photo below for the Amazon link to purchase Spawn.


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