Come on and grab ’em while they’re hot!

Rough Edges Press has just released volume two of WEIRD MENACE, a two-part collection of tales inspired by the shudder pulps of old. Within you’ll find tough guys, dangerous dames, horrific supernatural events, and abominable beasts. You’ll also encounter a big robot with a dark secret, a little boy who is not what he seems, a screwy Nazi scientist—with a beautiful and bewitching sidekick and a pair of nasty henchmen, of course—and a dangerous device that can only be called The Hades Mechanism, all in a story by yours truly.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading my tale as much as I enjoyed writing it (because this one was a blast to write), and I’d like to thank James Reasoner for allowing me to contribute to such a thrilling collection of old-fashioned stories.

Click on the pic for the e-book version. Both titles are also available in paperback.

Weird Menace Vol 2 cover

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